Preparing la “Noche Vieja”

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Kite in Bastia

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Nicolas Sérié, Gilles & Laurent Pantanacce
Plage de l’Arinella

It’s not what you think! These are necks…

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Rue Charlot, Paris

blueKiwi Ping-Pong

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links to (weekly)

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Vespa PX Baci

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With bro on Christmas morning at the beach

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Christmas morning beach


Domaine Gentile 1994 sélection noble

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Excellent ! One of the best color of wine

links to (weekly)

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  • The LinuxBox as Telnet Gateway
    Connect serial RS232 devices via Telnet

    The Terminal Server Service of the LinuxBox enables TCP/IP (Ethernet) control of devices with an RS232/485 interface. Several workstations may access any device connected to the network.
    Two independent connections can be established (2x RS232 ).

    Optionally, a connection of up to four serial devices is possible. For this, a suitable USB to RS232 adapter must be connected to each of the two available USB ports

    tags: linux, ethernet, appliance, telnet

  • Configuration via Web Browser, Telnet, or direct connectionEtherModem® modem emulation technology!SNMP functionalityReverse Telnet, Telnet Client or Server capabilityEtherPath RS-232 server connection over Ethernet LANRS-232 or RS-422 / RS-485(2-wire or 4-wire) interfaceSpeeds up to 230 KbpsDIN-rail mount option (along with power supplies)Use to access remote serial devices via LANUse on the LAN or via RoutersROHS and other certificationsIdeal for Internet or IntranetIt’s an economical async “Ethernet modem”Allow In-band access to equipment management portsCompatible with popular “port redirector” softwareRS-232 interface supports true control lead handshaking

    tags: ethernet, appliance, telnet

  • 1-port RS232/485/422 to Ethernet$65.00 In stock
      The ATC-1000 is a cost effective and highly integrated Serial-to-Ethernet Converter. Embedding a 8051CPU, 64KB OTP ROM, 32K bytes SRAM, 10/100Mbps Ethernet and serial port support with handshake RTS and CTS. The ATC-1000 Can control 1 x RS232/422/485 devices located virtually anywhere (via Ethernet or Internet). It automaticly finds devices in the network configuration over Driver Panels, serial Port, Telnet or WEB Browser. SNMP Automatic mode switching between Driver and RAW mode Support TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS.ATC-1000 is an industrial-strength network-based Serial device server for connecting a RS232/422/485 device like CNC’s, PLC’s, weighting scales, scanners and other industrial and commercial devices directly to the 10/100Mbps Ethernet network running TCP/IP. In addition to allowing serial devices to get networked, any host (PC Server or Workstation) can also access remote serial devices via adding ATC-1000 devices to the existing serial port.
    General Features:- 1-port RS232/485/422.- Simple and easy setup. – DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) support. – Auto-detecting 10/100Mbps Ethernet.- Full Network Management via Web browser. – Industrial and commercial applications.- ModBus not supported – Power supply included- DIN mountable by DIN adapter (not included

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  • tags: nicewebdesign, ecommerce

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Winter variation

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George was not here but the coffee was excellent

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